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Welcome to Moers

Historical gem: The German IMATQ location is in Moers. The city is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and belongs to the administrative district of Düsseldorf and what is termed the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Over 1,200 kilometers long, the Rhine River flows through several countries in Western and Central Europe and its tributary, the Ruhr, accompanies it across North Rhine-Westphalia

The historic old town of Moers has lovingly restored houses – several in the Renaissance style - as well as quaint market places and alley ways. The city's landmark, Moers Castle, has grounds reminiscent of a landscaped English garden. Despite being one of the smallest city theaters in Germany, the Schlosstheater has earned itself a far-reaching reputation.

The Moers Festival, which has drawn many thousands of jazz fans every year since 1972, is another first-class attraction. Moers is also a sporting city, as the performance of the Moerser SC men's volleyball team in the national volleyball league impressively shows.

The Carnation Saturday Parade makes its way through the city center during what is known traditionally as the "fifth season" or "carnival". It’s a time when people like to use the low-German dialect of "Grafschafter Platt". The Moers area used to have its own, very unique linguistic expressions, which only a few people in the region nowadays can still understand, let alone speak!

5 reasons to choose Moers:

  • The gateway between the rural area of the Lower Rhine and the metropolitan Rhein-Ruhr region
  • Attractive surroundings with high-quality leisure time options
  • Wide range of cultural activities
  • Right in the middle of a lively "Karneval" region
  • Close to Düsseldorf, Cologne and the border to the Netherlands