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Traction performance and dedication

Since its TSI approval and introduction into the market in 2014, we’ve sold more than 130 DE 18 locomotives that today are reliably performing their duties in both shunting and main-line operations. The areas in which these locomotives operate are really diverse and quite demanding.

TSI-approved in several European countries and ready to go, this four-axle mixed-traffic locomotive has established itself as a state-of-the-art industry standard. With speeds of between 17 and 120 km/h, the DE 18 continuously puts out 1,800 kW of power, which makes it currently the most powerful mid-cab locomotive on the European market. Use-specific operating modes ensure powerful, yet at the same time fuel-efficient, low-emission operation. Versions of the locomotive equipped for operation in several countries are currently operating across borders, and the DE 18 can be equipped with four national train protection systems and ETCS in different upgrade versions.

With long-term investments like locomotives, the determining factors that buyers prioritize are extremely economical operation, fail-safety and long-term viability. Thanks to a combination of standardized subassemblies and processes in the design, high-quality manufacturing and the use of proven high-quality rail components from renowned suppliers, you can depend on a perfected platform concept that performs in every discipline without compromise through all its lifecycle phases.

Fail-safe for decades: By means of redundant primary systems – whether drive train, braking system or the power supply – we ensure that your locomotive is operational. The locomotive driver can also use the easy-to-operate Vossloh Bypass Control (VBC) to temporarily bypass safety-related alerts. And finally, the suppliers we’ve chosen also guarantee the long-term availability of their component parts.

Long-term viability: In strict compliance with the latest European standards and with 100 percent compatibility with statutory and environmental aspects, we’re setting new standards with our innovations in diesel-electric drive technology. The combination of powerful engines and versatile operating modes provides our customers with a concept that’s viable over the long term and can be used in the desired countries without any restrictions, even as the tightening of environmental guidelines or locally applicable emission limits relating to the locomotive’s intended use gains prominence. This is particularly relevant in relation to hazardous substances such as nitrogen oxide, particulates and carbon monoxide. The noise emitted during operations near residential areas, for example, is also taken into consideration when deciding which locomotive to purchase. With the SmartHybrid version of the DE 18, you’re making a wise, clear-sighted choice.

A higher degree of freedom during operation

Unparalleled, climate-friendly performance package: The 1,800 kW diesel engine is supplemented with a battery pack that puts out up to 150 kWh and, depending on the load profile, provides rail operators working in "zero-emission" zones like tunnels or inside sheds with over an hour of emission-free shunting capabilities. What's more, the diesel engine's advanced start-stop function reduces harmful emissions even further and represents a real saving in fuel and maintenance costs. Not only does the radical reduction in the time the locomotive spends idling represent significant fuel savings, battery operation at low power requirements under 400 kW is also more efficient.

The battery system boasts the latest lithium-ion technology and is integrated into the space constructed for the auxiliary fuel tank without any complicated interconnectivity with the diesel engine. As the eco-friendly option, the plug-in traction battery can be charged overnight using an external 400 V 3AC power supply, or else directly from the diesel engine when it’s operating at optimum performance levels. Depending on how it’s used, the battery has a service life between eight and ten years or more than 3,000 charge cycles.

As an alternative, the engines are already prepared for the use of renewable fuels like the synthetic HVO fuel as per EN 15940 or Neste Diesel (SH), which distinguish themselves through their carbon-neutral production processes. In this way we combine clean engine management with a fuel that has 50 percent less CO2 and thus extremely economical performance and maintenance parameters.

Configuration packages & operating modes for specific uses

Thanks to its various configuration packages, the DE 18 combines different uses in a single locomotive that is always exactly attuned to each respective use. Depending on how the locomotive has been equipped, your locomotive drivers have different operating modes at their disposal for consuming less fuel and reducing emissions when operating in areas with special requirements.

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