Living and working in Kiel

Living and working in Kiel

A pearl on the Baltic Sea: Founded in the 13th century as Holstenstadt tom Kyle, the modern-day capital of the northernmost of Germany’s 16 federal states needed nearly 700 years to become a major city. Today Kiel ranks among Germany’s 30 largest cities and is now referred to fondly by the locals as the "main capital village".

Kiel lies like a horseshoe around a natural harbor, the Kiel Fjord, and is also the end point of the Kiel Canal. Linking the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, this canal is the most heavily-trafficked, man-made waterway in the world.

Among other things, Kiel is known for having hosted the summer Olympic Games’ sailing events on several occasions and for the annual Kiel Week, an international sailing event and folk festival with visitors numbering in the millions. Kiel also has the THW Kiel handball team, the second division football team KSV Holstein Kiel and a culinary specialty known as a "Kieler Sprat" – although that actually originates in nearby Eckernförde!

The shipyards, the port with its ferry lines servicing the Scandinavian and Baltic regions and Vossloh Locomotives are important for the city economically. The city has three colleges and is also dubbed the "Bicycle City" – not least because of its popular cycling routes. Kiel is located in a temperate climate zone, so temperatures are comparatively mild both in summer and winter. All the beautiful beaches and the seaside promenades attract a lot of tourists every year.

5 reasons to choose Kiel:

  • Lies right on the coast
  • High air quality
  • Attractive surroundings with high-quality leisure time options
  • Close to Denmark and Hamburg
  • Ferry links to various neighboring countries on the Baltic Sea

Apprenticeships in Kiel – Careers with pulling power

Vossloh Locomotives is one of Europe’s leading companies for diesel locomotives. We supply customers in Europe and we have a strong team and interesting work assignments waiting for you at our Kiel location. The company has an exemplary interdepartmental working environment and puts its stock in teamwork.

The expectations relating training young talent in technical-industrial and commercial fields are extraordinarily high. We involve apprentices in the process from the very beginning and show them how to work independently in order to prepare them for working life. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience are given equal weighting and the apprentices receive individual guidance and assistance. In order to provide young talent in Kiel interested in the field of technical industry with the right skills, the Technische Akademie Nord teaches them the basic principles of a skilled trade during the first year of the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships ensure students excellent qualifications and the best possible preparation for starting a career. And if you also want that career at Vossloh Locomotives, the door is wide open to those who successfully complete their training.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Dedicated trainers
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Short communication and decision-making channels
  • Remuneration as per the collective bargaining agreement for the metal and electrical industries
  • A 35-hour week
  • 30 days’ vacation
  • Flexi-time option
  • Special gratuities governed by collective bargaining
  • Good chance to be taken on permanently
  • Good career opportunities

Personal prerequisites at a glance:

  • Initiative
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Reliability
  • Enjoy interacting with other people
  • Careful working technique
  • For technical apprenticeships: manual dexterity and an interest in things technical
  • For commercial apprenticeships: an enjoyment of mathematics, German and English, communication skills and an interest in IT